NorthStar Academy
Charting a Clear Course for Teens & Their Families

Promoting Change

Nurturing. Intentional. Therapeutic.


Guided by Positive Youth Development and Peer Leadership Perspectives


NorthStar Academy uses evidence-based practices,

well-trained and supervised staff, and positive peer influence to promote emotional healing, fulfillment of academic potential, character building, improved family relations, and the development of interpersonal and decision-making skills. Individual Positive Development/Treatment Plans developed by clinicians, counselors, teachers, parents and the student build on the individual strengths and guide programmatic, academic, and therapeutic strategies and activities.

NorthStar Academy’s environment is a nurturing, intentional therapeutic community where staff provides positive role modeling and the structure students need to succeed. Students are empowered to work as partners with parents, staff and peers to develop competence and confidence in making positive choices and plans for their future.