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A Comprehensive Educational Approach

What we do

NorthStar Academy seeks to foster the academic success of every student we serve by providing the supplemental resources necessary to allow them to maintain themselves within the curriculum of their home school (public, private, or parochial) while attending the NorthStar program. We do this by focusing on student-centered learning utilizing Apex Learning, a rigorous and nationally accredited online curriculum along with motivational coaching by in-house Master's level certified educators, adventurous experiential studies, and by maintaining a close collaboration with the home school to which the student intends to return.

Educational services

NorthStar staff work with students, parents, guidance counselors and school and administrators to foster success through the best, most supportive possible transitions between NorthStar and their home school. Students returning to their home school are provided continued support through NorthStar’s day (PHP) and after school (IOP) programs.


NorthStar Academy utilizes Apex Learning, a comprehensive and accredited curriculum where each student receives individualized, tailored online learning to suit their academic needs. Students will be able to select the coursework they need that correlates with their home school requirements. The student will work on a personal computer provided by NorthStar Academy. Instruction will be provided to the NorthStar student by an online teacher at Apex Learning and our education team will provide motivational coaching. 

The Education Program is guided by the following:

  • Providing students a safe, nurturing, and supportive learning environment.
  • Offering student-centered teaching and learning.
  • Recognizing the different academic strengths, challenges and learning styles that must be addressed.
  • Understanding that academic progress increases self-esteem and makes students more willing to take risks.
  • Fostering the positive relationship between student and teacher that is essential to engaging the student.
  • Encouraging positive, healthy relationships with fellow students and an understanding that teamwork enhances the learning process.
  • Accepting that mistakes are an essential part of the learning process. Students need to be challenged and taught to take intellectual risks in order to develop resilience and perseverance.
  • Helping students understand that learning can be empowering, rewarding and fun.



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