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From Anxiety to Wellness

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We get it – it’s tough to raise a teen in today’s social media-obsessed rat race of a world. It can be even tougher to actually be a teen today.

That’s why at NorthStar Academy we teach our teens mental and emotional resiliency through positive coping skills. These teens are our future – so we show them that not only do they have potential, but can reach theirs through the healthy therapeutic foundation we offer. We owe it to them – and to ourselves – to change the narrative for this upcoming generation to a holistically healthy one.


10 Reasons Why American Teens Are More Anxious Than Ever
(via Psychology Today).

  • Electronics offer an unhealthy escape.

  • Happiness is all the rage.

  • Parents are giving unrealistic praise.

  • Parents are getting caught up in the rat race.

  • Kids aren’t learning emotional skills.

  • Parents view themselves as protectors, rather than guides.

  • Adults don’t know how to help kids face their fears the right way.

  • Parents are parenting out of guilt and fear.

  • Kids aren’t being given enough free time to play.

  • Family hierarchies are out of whack.


With all the above reasons, it’s no wonder our teens are so anxious. Let’s change the narrative of anxiety to wellness – and we can do that together.

Comment below with your family’s Top 3 Tools to combat anxiety and stress.