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Anxiety & the American Teen

How is school going?

Does that question make your teen more than anxious? Are they obsessing about or fearful of school because of social, academic, and extra-curricular pressure? Is your adolescent finding reasons to stay at home or call in sick?

Turns out, they’re not alone.

Now more than ever teens are pressure cooking themselves to the point of severe anxiety and panic attacks. But the question is why - why are more and more American teenagers suffering from anxiety disorders – and what is the link between the rise in smartphones/social media and anxiety/depression?  Investigative journalist Benoit Denizet-Lewis explores this trend in his latest piece for The New York Times. The author uncovers something we see at NorthStar Academy all the time: the school refusal/anxiety loop.

The more school he missed, the more anxious he felt about missing school. And the more anxious he felt, the more hopeless and depressed he became.
— Benoit Denizet-Lewis for The New York Times

The DC metro area is no stranger to this phenomenon, as public, private, and parochial schools hold their students to high academic and extra-curricular standards. If your teen is struggling with any kind of anxiety disorder, NorthStar’s nurturing clinical and academic staff will help give them the emotional, social, and behavioral support they need to successfully handle their high school experience. Every teen has potential and we are here to show each one who comes through our doors that they are worthy of happiness and success. Our team is here to offer your family the chance for a fresh start.

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