NorthStar Academy
Charting a Clear Course for Teens & Their Families

Adolescent Therapeutic Community

Safe. Supported. Accountable.


 Fostering and Supporting Collaboration Within Defined Boundaries


NorthStar Academy uses evidence-based practices.

The reasons adolescents come to treatment are different from those of adults and young adults. Their treatment must be unique to their needs. Treatment in a therapeutic community of their peers is a powerful medium for adolescents who are developmentally driven to seek peer inclusion and approval.

NorthStar Academy harnesses the positive power of the peer group to create and maintain a therapeutic environment in which:

  • Students feel safe and supported.
  • Students learn to give positive support to their peers.
  • Students build trust with staff and other students.
  • Students become accountable for themselves and the community.
  • Students can be open and honest because they can trust their peers to help them.

NorthStar Academy fosters and supports collaboration within defined boundaries so that students are included in both individual and community topics and decisions. This type of student inclusion is in part what makes the NorthStar community unique.